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Coach Education Testimonials

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What is ABSAT Coaching

Find out more about ABSAT (Advanced Biomechanics Speed & Accuracy Training)

Coach Education Workshops

Become a world-class fast bowling coach

The Coach Education ABSAT Workshops are available to coaches and players alike. This is not a bowling course but a comprehensive coaching workshop explaining and demonstrating the ABSAT drills needed to bowl faster, straighter and more accurately.  Coaches find these drills invaluable when coaching players and some bowlers simply want to learn the skills for themselves.

Each course is run by Ian Pont, Author of The Fast Bowler’s Bible, Ultimate Page Secrets and founder of the ABSAT (Advanced Biomechanics Speed & Accuracy Training) methods.

Here's what you’ll learn on the course:

  • How to help any bowler increase speed and accuracy
  • What to look for in a bowling action to help avoid injury
  • How to get the best out of a bowler
  • Bowling drills that accelerate learning
  • The benefits of advanced biomechanics without getting technical
  • How to help bowlers ‘jump start’ their muscle memory and improve
  • How to use gadgets, props and external support
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • How to coach everyone without cloning
  • The importance of the Four Tent Pegs
  • How to maintain a positive coaching manner
  • Implementing training protocols that practically guarantee success
  • …plus much, much more

There are no Coach Education ABSAT Workshops planned at this time.

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