Bowling Video Assessment

Assessments currently NOT available due to Ian’s
coaching commitments

Now get Ian Pont to personally assess your action the easy way. He offers a coaching facility, where you can receive world-class help and advice designed just for you.

How does it work?

Every bowler is different. But whatever level you play you always want to be better. And the great news is you can. By sending a video clip of your bowling, Ian will write a detailed report on how you improve your bowling action. He’ll analyse what you’re doing right (and wrong), suggest ways to increase your pace and accuracy, plus reveal what training protocols you can implement. The best part is, these can be done virtually anywhere.

You’ll get:

  • Assessment of your action
  • Recommended guidelines on how to improve your action, your way
  • Suggestions, tips and advice on what to do next
  • Training protocols you should use to rapidly improve
  • A full critique of what’s working and what’s not so you don’t waste time practicing the wrong things anymore

It will be your very own personal training guide from one of the world’s top fast bowling coaches.