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Pace Bowling Course 1
How to Bowl Faster

Pace Bowling Course 2:
Beating the Odds, Succeed in Twenty20 Cricket

Attacking Batting Course
8 Innovative Shots That Escalate Your Run Rate

Online cricket clips & courses

Now enjoy some of the best cricket video clips that clearly explain how to perform many of the skills you need to be successful in cricket

Here you’ll find easy to download, online clips of batting, pace bowling, spin bowling and fielding to help to start improving right away. Become your own best coach with these MCI clips that have been designed to give you an advantage when it comes to understanding how to replicate the professionals

You’ll discover the little-know ABSAT drills, revealed here for the very first time anywhere in detail, which create more arm speed for bowlers and better control. What’s more we show you 7 different slower balls, how to bowl bouncers and yorkers, as well as reverse swing and cutters and inswing & outswing

You’ll find all the attacking shots you’ll ever need including the pivot pull, highly creative shots such as moving around the crease inside and outside the line, the amazing reverse sweep and paddle sweep shots and lofted cut shot, late cut and drives. There’s nothing defensive here

International Cricketer Grant Flower and other first class players show you how to slide, catch and throw, collect the ball and release it, and there is an easy way to practice your diving too, to have you becoming a vital member of ANY team in the field

And we cover spin, showing you how to use the crease, flight, dip and variations such as the knuckle ball slider and two ways to bowl the doosra to maximise your skill to help baffle the most accomplished of batsmen

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