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Pace Bowling Workshops

On each workshop, pace bowlers will learn the FOUR TENT PEGS that are at the essence of any great fast bowling action. You will be schooled in the secrets of ABSAT (Advanced Biomechanics Speed & Accuracy Training) methods and taught advanced techniques and skills by Author of the Fast Bowler’s Bible, Ultimate Pace Secrets and three times World Cup Coach, Ian Pont. You will also discover from the workshop how to have a consistent and powerful bowling action.

Apart from technical coaching to maximise your assets, you will learn the tactical side of how to develop swing, reverse swing, seam, Yorkers and bouncers, in addition to slower balls including the world’s best slower ball (SLOB), plus the BUTTERFLY BALL ( see how its bowled here ) devised and created by Ian at the 2011 World Cup.  

It's a jam-packed workshop that will give you a huge amount of knowledge and skills you can take away and start using immediately.

Also, you will get the chance to find out how fast you bowl! If you have ever wanted to know how speedy you are, you can now discover the truth. You will bowl against a speed gun which measures up to 100mph in 0.1mph increments. You’ve seen internationals bowl on television, now see if you can match them. This is just one other unique aspect to our workshops.

If you love your cricket and want to be faster and more accurate then this course if just for you.

The coaching style is fun, informative and easy to understand as technical language is broken down so all ages and levels can enjoy.  You will leave this course with a clearer understanding of how your action works, where you may have problems and importantly, how to correct them with easy to remember drills and techniques. 

Courses will suit juniors (age 11+) and adult medium/fast pace bowlers, but is not suitable to beginners due to the advanced coaching techniques.