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Here is some feedback from the previous attendees:

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Ian has coached me since I was 11 years old and for the last 5 years has helped me progress from a medium pace bowler who wasn't even in the district team into a county opening fast bowler. He has helped me develop my control of swing but has also helped me increase my pace each year. Ian always encourages me to bowl fast and he has given me so much confidence in my ability.

Ian has also helped my batting so much and I've gone from being a tail ender into a middle order bat. Ian never say's anything negative and his coaching sessions are great fun and I always feel like I have learned so much after every net.
Robert Pinkerton (15) - Essex

We took our son Ethan to Ian when he was 10 years old. After analysing Ethan's action Ian went about explaining points he could improve on. The improvement in Ethan's action was rapid. Now three years later Ethan attends a very good independent school, with a scholarship, on the back of his bowling.
Joe (13) & Ethan Badcock - Isle of Scilly

What Ian Pont doesn't know about fast bowling, isn't worth knowing and what he does knows is gold. He's approachable, very professional and easy to understand. There isn't anyone I wouldn't recommend him to.

I used to collapse in my delivery amongst a myriad of other things and couldn't teach myself out of it. After recording my action from the relevant angles Ian broke down my technique, told me what I was doing right and more importantly where I could improve. Ian showed me the "4 Tent Peg" drills and explained the “who, what, when, where, why's” and how's these drills worked through use of his assistant, Catherine, along with videos of international fast bowlers, to show the mechanics in use at the highest stage.

I practice these drills every day and have steadily seen and felt progress in my action through the rhythm it creates and the increases in pace. Although I only had one batting session with Ian, the confidence it gave me has so far translated very well into my batting back in Australia. I cannot thank Ian enough for the knowledge and confidence he has given me.
Blaize Irving (24) – Darlinghurst, Australia

Back in 2009 on an MCI Academy at HECC, hardly knowing anything about Cricket and bowling at the gentle speed of 50 mph. I found myself on the first step of my MCI journey.

One to one sessions followed at my school. Ian was very patient and fully understood my technical and tactical needs. After much work (The 4 Tent Pegs), blood, sweat, tears and of course, through Ian's unwavering support, I began to see the rewards; topping the U17 National batting averages, having two years on the England Academy (T20's and ODI's), debuting for Halstead Men's 1sts in Division 1, being clocked in the 70's and becoming Middlesex Player of the Year. Alongside, vast amounts of travelling the world with MCI, has well and truly been life changing!

I cannot thank Ian enough for his continuous guidance, masterful knowledge and challenging progressions. I can't wait for the next stage of my MCI journey!"
Catherine Dalton (22) - London

Ian’s coaching has been instrumental in my success as a young cricketer. With his guidance, support and tweaking I have progressed through Club to District level and then finally selected for my County age group squad and achieved Colt of the year for my local club and 2nd highest wicket taker. If you want a fast bowling Coach who will limit the chance of injury and actually increase you bowling accuracy and speed I would highly recommend Ian.
Max Carter-Miller (15) - Essex

Eddie has been involved in County Age Group Cricket since the age of 11 and since this time Ian Pont has been a major part of his development. We have had along the way various difficult periods, loosing run ups, action and speed, however when needed Ian has always been willing and able to assess, address technical issue and motivate Eddie to the next level.

Ian knows how to get the best from Eddie, he understands the player and person and allows for this whenever we are able to see him. Ian has given up his own time over many years to support Eddie and for this we are extremely grateful. Eddie is at the point of working hard towards academy and second eleven cricket with Somerset.

I would encourage any parent of an aspiring fast bowler to contact Ian and to understand his approach to coaching and in particular fast bowling coaching. You will not be disappointed, my only issue is that we are not able to see him more often.
Eddie (17) & Chris Knight - Surrey

I have been working with Ian for about 8 years now and can say quite confidently that he approaches fast bowling coaching in a unique way. Aside from his vast technical expertise, I have found that he is very sensitive to individuals and works around them to produce better cricketers. With me it was always a case of tweaking my action to try and add a few percent in terms of pace while maintaining my skill levels and bowling style. Whilst our sessions tend to be mostly technical, it's always fun picking his brain on the tactical side of things too. It's something I always enjoy thinking about, and those discussions add another dimension to our sessions.

But probably the greatest testimony I can give Ian is the feeling of confidence I leave our sessions with. Technical changes take a long time to set in, but the mentality of feeling like you can get anyone out, can be carried into your very next game. And that is something I have benefited from throughout my time working with him.
Palash Joshi - Middlesex

Ian has worked enthusiastically with my son Palash on a regular basis since he was 14. Ian has a vast knowledge of the mechanics of fast bowling and its technique. The most amazing thing is that he studies the youngster's inherent strengths and doesn't let his coaching methods interfere with those strengths. Palash could swing the ball accurately both ways since an early age and Ian encouraged that whilst fine toning his methods to add speed and more fluency to the bowling action. The result is a quicker bowler who still swings the ball accurately both ways and has a repeatable and smooth action. It has been a labour of love in a sense with regular drill work and reviews. Ian's friendly nature and vast knowledge of the subject makes each session very interesting.
Arvind Joshi - Middlesex

Ian coaches my son with his winter training sessions. We have recently started our third year with him. During that time Ian has developed him from a good club player to the opening bowler for his district and now into the full County squad for next season.

Ian's methods are unique to him and finally some counties are understanding these to be the correct way of teaching fast bowlers. Even though my son was young when we started (and still is) in development terms, Ian has always coached him not only to his ability, but beyond for his age. He makes the lessons fun and as he is maturing, now encourages him to work hard on his own development away from the coaching. I can honestly say if your son or daughter has potential, contact Ian as he will make them the best they can be.
Sam (12) and Ken Paisley - Essex

I have worked with Ian over a number of years and Ian has not only helped me to improve technically both as a bowler and a batsman, but he has equally importantly helped me to have a really positive outlook on my game. Alongside the technical work, this has helped me to improve significantly as a cricketer.
David Hughes-D’Aeth (19) - Berkshire

My son Faheem has been using Ian for well over a year now. I have seen consistent improvements in both his bowling and batting. The benefits my son has gained over the period has been invaluable and instrumental in the changes to Faheem’s bowling. Ian has helped with many areas of Faheem bowling with the result of greater speed and accuracy. If you are serious about your cricket, I cannot recommend Ian highly enough.
Faheem (15) & Ibrahim Aziz, Essex

Ian's reputation has travelled far and wide and our first introduction to Ian came through his publication "The Fast Bowlers Bible". Mathew has only heaps of praise for Ian and I witnessed an almost immediate response from Mathew to Ian's methods, explanations, style and understanding which is probably the foundation of any learning process.
Mathew (20) & Dave Pillans – Pretoria, South Africa

I had 3 sessions with Ian before the season started. I also bought his book and attended an ABSAT Coach Education course. I have to say it’s the best money I have ever spent on cricket. I had my best season ever and took more wickets than ever before. My action is so much more repeatable and made my cricket much more enjoyable. Absolutely tremendous.
Garry Adamson - Essex

Simply, my session with Ian was fantastic. Ian is an amazing coach and mentor, and conducts himself with such a presence that everything he says is informative and fun, and more importantly really makes sense.
Keith Baker – Essex

Thanks for all the hard work you have put in with me. All the coaching skills have made me a much better player and mentally stronger. From the first time I saw you it’s helped 100%.
Alex Kidd – Oxfordshire

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Club / Group Coaching Feedback

I would just like to thank both you and Ian for a visit which all of us regarded as an unqualified success. As a teacher myself I particularly liked Ian's manner with the boys, ensuring that the ones who were obviously less able weren't made to feel as if they were second class in any way. And all of us got something out of the session
Tim Wilkinson - Banchory CC, Aberdeenshire

Hi Ian, Firstly to thank you so much for doing the bowling camp for our players. It was an enormous privilege to have you do the coaching with the enthusiasm and patience that you showed especially to the younger children. The feedback forms are now all in and needless to say, the overwhelming response was one of excellence. All the players thoroughly enjoyed it and I am already seeing improvements in technique. Three of the attendees are going to the County U12 trials this week and we hope to show some success there!
Kailash Dal – ICCA, Nottingham

The (group) session was extremely worthwhile, with the lads (and coaches!) leaving with a number of helpful pointers. Many had not experienced the biomechanical breakdown of their actions before and enjoyed discovering new things. Ian's style was comfortable, entertaining and informative and it was great to have him down for the clinic.
Matt Banes - Master of Indoor Cricket, Eastbourne College

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Pace Bowling Workshops Feedback

Here is some feedback from the previous attendees:

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I have learnt more about fast bowling in this 3 hour course than I’ve learnt since I’ve started playing cricket.
Jack Murray (12)

This was the best coaching class I experienced. It all made logical sense. The tricks of swing bowling and slower balls were an added bonus. Ian Pont is an excellent coach who knows how to keep us attentive. Clear cut stages of maximizing pace bowling. Well taught, kept us entertained at the same time and well paced drills. Felt like I learnt a lot from it. 
Tejram Dyal

I liked the chatty nature of the course and the fact that Ian knew fast bowling well, as I have not met any cricket coach that properly understands bowling before.
Matthew Waring (12)

Excellent session, good use of comedy and fantastic analogies that helped a lot in explaining the positions the body needs to be in.  This session is fundamental to any fast bowler wanting to improve.
Simon Rowland

Just to let you know that after attending your course in Abingdon, Oxfordshire I achieved my best ever bowling figures (in 25 years of regular cricket) yesterday - 4 for 19 in 5.1 overs with no boundaries conceded and helped my team win their match. The course had immense direct value to me - plus the extra interest it generated for me on all things to do with bowling technique has really stimulated my awareness and passion.
Steve Bindman

Thanks very much for a hugely enjoyable and intellectually stimulating afternoon at Fenners on Tuesday. I am quite stubborn and have an inquiring mind - so I have never really enjoyed being coached in the old style of "do this because this is what I did and it worked alright for me!". So to actually have things explained in a scientific, logical and intelligent way was an incredibly satisfying and - above all - empowering experience.
Richard Morris

Very interesting, inspiring and intelligent coaching. I learnt to bowl faster and smoother.
Clayton Gillespie (14)

Better than any other cricket coaching I have had.  I learnt loads of things: better bowling techniques, different types of slower balls and how to swing the ball properly.
Matthew Kaye (14)

Good quality coaching - the various aspects were broken down and explained well.
David Tunstall (24)

I learnt how to bowl faster, more accurate and with different styles.
Willem Purdy (15)

Really excellent session and I learnt a great deal!
George Grose (14)

I attended your course yesterday in Coventry and found your course to be one of the most productive 5 hour sessions in my playing career.
Greg Pearson

Just to say thanks for another excellent course.
Glyn Owen

Joseph thoroughly enjoyed the bowling session and is already practicing some of the new techniques he has learnt!
Joseph (11) & Bernadette Horton

Last year we sent two of our lads to your course who were both very enthusiastic about the course and whose bowling figures for the season were impressive!
Phil Parker, Wrington CC, Somerset

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Batting Workshops Feedback

Here is some feedback from the previous attendees:

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Yet again Ian ‘smashes it out the park’ with a workshop that was fun, informative and full of useful tips and easy-to-perform drills.  I learned to focus on the opportunity of scoring off ‘good’ balls and manipulating either myself, or the ball, to maximise the runs scored – but still playing technically correct cricket shots.  It has also helped improve my confidence to play certain shots that I would never have previously attempted.  I came away from the workshop with a renewed energy for batting, with plenty of ideas to try both in training and out in
the middle. 
Keith Baker

Despite all his vast experience, Ian never came across as an “I am” or “I’ve done”, type of coach.  The course was interesting and informative and I picked up two shots that I will definitely introduce into my game.
Russ Chalton

Finn went to the workshop without expectation, just knowing he would learn more about batting.  He thought it was great.
Finn Carrington (12)

It was very good and better than any course I have been on before. I learned one shot I had never heard of and the rest helped with my technique such as the sweep and the reverse sweep
Charlie Yorke (15)

The coaching was good.  Ian Pont explained shots and their effectiveness well while Cathy demonstrated them impeccably.  The drills were good too. I would recommend this course to already established good batsmen.
Tejram Dyal

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UK Cricket Camps Feedback

Here is some feedback from the previous attendees:

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Any aspiring cricketer would improve dramatically by attending this academy.
David Tilcock, father of Adam Tilcock

For me Mavericks hasn’t been just a cricket coaching academy but a life changing programme. More than the new and unique skills I learned there I was able to understand myself as a player and also where I stand at this moment of time. I also learnt how my body responds to many different drills and activities.
Victor Yadev

For any cricketer, whatever their ability, who is looking to improve themselves the MCI Academy is unrivalled in its depth and access to coaches who can take your game to the next level.
The whole experience will undoubtedly help my cricket and is worth its weight in gold!
Keith Baker

Ben has really enjoyed and benefited greatly from coming to sessions with some better players. I have also been impressed by the way that he has been thinking more about his own game and what he needs to do to improve. Please pass on our thanks once again to all the coaching team - I think they are a very impressive group.
Ernest Laue, father of Ben Laue

I found all of the coaches useful and helpful, as each gave me a new insight into my game or gave me new ways to enhance my game further.  I have found that I am now more confident in my own ability.
Catherine Dalton

The academy was of a consistently high standard. Particularly liked the tactical applications and the batting against spin session.  I feel much better prepared for this season (batting & bowling) and I am much more knowledgeable.
Will Barrett

I was impressed by the professionalism of every coach and the overall attitude and energy from the other players.  I learnt a new skill or improved on one each session.
Lloyd Renvoize

I found the standard of coaching was exceptional with a fresh sense of learning.
Alex Harbourne

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International Cricket Camps Feedback

Here is some feedback from the previous attendees:

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Ian and Cath are both excellent coaches and people that I really enjoyed listening to and learning from. They are both extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to give you any help you need. Ian can look at your bowling action once and tell you exactly what you need to work on to improve. I will definitely be on the next camp. Just thank you for one of the best trips I've ever had.
Chris Rowlands (Thailand Camp)

Ian is a world-class coach. The great thing is you could just have a much better understanding about the game by just speaking to Ian, whether it be serious talk on the field, or just casual talk off the field. Ian is very approachable and no question ever seemed to be stupid to him, so you could ask anything and clear any confusions that you may have had regarding the game.
Faiyaz Azim (Thailand Camp)

Best coaching ever! Learned to be more positive in all aspects of cricket.  It was really important to me to understand the big mistakes which I made and also corrections required
Shiv Velayuthem (Thailand Camp)

Learned how pace was generated and what was missing from my bowling action to achieve better results.  Video analysis was extremely helpful.  Also learnt a lot of tactics for both batting and bowling.  Gained a lot more confident in my ability
Arron Wild (Thailand Camp)

It was a brilliant experience and learnt what was required to take my game to the next level.  Well looked after and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
Ethan Badcock (Thailand Camp) 

Good techniques and overall cricket experience and interaction with the coaches. Daily sessions were well organised and co-ordinated.  I learnt a lot...self-analysis, self-confidence, team spirit, outcome driven approach and ability to maximise my input…really love it!
Adit Pawha (Thailand Camp)

One of the best experiences of my life, I will remember this for a long, long time.  The people I met and the coaching I experienced was fantastic.
Zach Richmond-Dixon (India Camp)

It was a great experience. From a weakness, the sweep shot has now become a strength for me and I love playing this shot now. I returned from this trip as a better and more confident player. Thanks a lot for such a great camp.
Faiyaz Amin (India Camp)

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Coach Education Workshops Feedback

Here is some feedback from the previous courses:

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The recent coach education session held in Cambridge was excellent. Useful for all levels of coach working with pace bowlers. The session reinforces some well-known basics, develops some themes covered on ECBCA coach education courses and certainly introduced a number of new ideas that coaches will find extremely useful, and will be keen to incorporate in their coaching. The session was delivered professionally with the use of visual aids and demonstrations, making the whole session a pleasurable learning experience. These sessions will give your coaches a strong framework to work with when they coach pace bowlers.
David Ellis, Chairman, ECBCA Cambridgeshire

Good session yesterday from Ian and Cath and some excellent feedback. Please pass on our grateful thanks to them both.
Richard Goulding, ECBCA Cambridgeshire (hosted own workshop)

The coaching session was excellent. A good balance of explanations, video clips, real life experiences and practical demos to explain positions require for consistent and powerful bowling actions. It is the best workshop I have ever attended and would recommend to any ECB level coach and young fast bowler.
Sam Moss, RAF Northolt (hosted own workshop)

Hi just to let you know the (Fenners) course was excellent and Ian really put bowling to another level in an understandable & enjoyable way
Glyn Owen

Hi Ian, Just thought that I would drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the course on Sunday in Nottingham. I was never coached as a youngster and over the years have developed many bad habits with resulting injuries, with the last five years being particularly hard on my body. In the space of 3 hours you have simplified the bowling action and enabled me to understand the processes involved. In the past I have tried so called "corrective" drills but have always reverted back to my bad habits or mixed action. I now have the confidence and understanding to work hard on the drills that you brilliantly demonstrated and at the age of 43 hope to gain that extra pace, accuracy, edge and longevity to my game. In my other role as a cricket coach I now have the "tools" to enable me to alter the actions and problems I previously encountered and was unable to solve.Many thanks for a brilliant session
Craig Tennant

Brilliant course last Sunday in Oxford! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much about isolating different parts of the bowling action. I ran a session last night for 6 lads at my local club and was amazed at how quickly their actions developed over the course of 90 minutes. The lad’s confidence increased so much and after only 1 session, I can see the value of Ian’s techniques
Steve Dent

Hi Ian, Felt it only right to thank you for the course at the University of Hatfield in Hertfordshire. I thought the course was excellent and a real eye opener. Four hours flew by and the only criticism I have was that it left me wanting to learn more. We talked of nothing else all the way back to Swansea. I will be taking up your offer for the support package in the next few days and look forward to the release of the book.
Well worth the journey from South Wales!!
Yours in sport
Pete Williams

Ian, Thank you so much for last Saturday (Woodhouse Grove School, Bradford). It was a super day and I learnt loads. We spent this evening’s U10s winter nets session on fast bowling and the actions improved 10 fold! Kind Regards
Andrew Whettam

Ian, I would just like to confirm my appreciation to attending today's course in Chippenham. Now I have had time to reflect on the course and instruction, it was a real insight and really well structured in an understandable and logical sequence, rather than the scientific jargon usually linked with Biomechanics. Many thanks for the great course and I hope if you arrange courses for this area again, I would love to be involved as a refresher or assisting with admin/DEMO's as today has rekindled my bowling desire and coaching expierence again
Pat Legge

Dear Ian, With regard to the ABSAT course, I would just like to say what a thoroughly enjoyable and informative experience I had, breaking the bowling process down into the ten simple, yet crucial, key points gave me a great understanding of how the bowling action works biomechanically. My understanding was enhanced, also, by the kinaesthetic involvement rather than just listening. I can strongly recommend the ABSAT course to all, players & coaches alike
Matt Walton

Hi Ian, Just to say thankyou for Sunday's course, quite the most interesting and challenging course in living memory. The content was exceptional, delivery pitched perfectly and tiring mentally on the day because of the course expectations, but worthwhile armed with the handouts and initial knowledge of the bowling revolution...
Thank you once again
Ian Wright

Thanks Ian for yesterday... I learned so much - although different from the (Conventional/ECB) approach I am used to it is most definitely complimentary, refreshing and just makes so much sense!
On the drive home I re-assessed my coaching of fast bowling and kept thinking through how to use these principles in relation to some of the problems I have with players I coach (male & female) and how they will benefit from them.
Very Exciting... Thanks...and thanks for the book too.
Steve Pearce

Ian – very much enjoyed the (Coach Education ABSAT) session you ran for our coaches last Sunday. There was plenty for us to use and build on and hopefully we can breed some speedsters
Brian Pettitt, Leigh on Sea CC

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