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What is ABSAT Coaching

Think about this. The way your body moves through the bowling action affects how fast and straight you bowl. And the better it does it, the faster and straighter you can become.

So advanced biomechanics are about two things: body position and muscle stretch & contraction. Understanding the detail has not been easy – until now.

When you get things right, you improve. When you know how to get them right, you’ll improve faster.

That’s why I put a great deal of emphasis on self-awareness for the bowler.

It’s a clever combination of the learning preferences (kinaesthetic, visual and auditory). I believe you need to feel improvements (kinaesthetic) and see how to do it (visual), rather than be told about it (auditory). Traditional coaching tends to be heavily auditory with a coach standing at the end of a net shouting at you.

Advanced biomechanics therefore offers you something new. It offers you the chance to know what you’re doing, how to improve and a method for putting things right.

What could be better than that?

Can it help spin bowlers? The great news is it can.

When you have correct biomechanics you help with getting extra revolutions on the ball. The revolutions increase spin, bounce and can influence swerve in the air. Plus of course it makes sense to work in straight lines to achieve accuracy.

Some bowlers have actions that make it difficult for them to increase spin. Others do not have a consistent action to allow the ball to land in the same place six balls in a row.

The principles of biomechanics therefore apply to all bowlers. And slow bowlers can learn much by understanding these principles. Not least by helping with quicker balls, slower balls, and being able to disguise the flight of the ball with their action.

It’s another set of skills to give any spin bowler the edge.